Located in the heart of Fishtown, Indie Photo is a lab dedicated to keeping film photography alive in the Philadelphia area and beyond (check out our mail order option here). We process, scan, and print from all of the current film formats as well as print photos from digital files any size up to “44×60”.

    Whether you need to drop off some film, make some prints or enlargements, check out our selection of used camera gear, or edit your photos on one of our workstations; we have something to offer every film enthusiast. Stop by if you’re interested in printing, scanning, developing, displaying, learning, or simply looking for advice about photography.


    When you walk through the door, you will find a friendly and knowledgable staff that is dedicated to finding a solution to your particular needs. We love photography and are more than happy to assist every customer in making the best decision regarding printing, editing, cameras, and the benefits of film or digital. We truly take pleasure in educating the public and hope to get as many people as possible to experience the same joys we do. With that being said, please do not hesitate to walk in and ask for assistance regarding all things photography.


    • Some greens on #portra800 from the cabin and a Reminder we'll be CLOSED this Saturday Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day. #35mm #medfordlakes
    • First and last time using such an elitist, pretentious #35mm tool @maxwelldbarna
    • @emilyburtner with a sweet drive by on #35mm
    • @shitramze got all the essentials covered on #35mm
    • #portra800 #dollardognight
    • Mr Lee in the spotlight again #35mm #nikon35ti #dollardognight #portra800
    • @cres.s stepping up his game with a newly acquired Nikon 35ti #35mm #filmblahblahblah
    • @propster with a #35mm roll so nice #blahblahblahtwice
    • @propster playin with some ponies and shooting em... on #35mm #filmisnotdeaditcantbebecauseitsnotalivingthingitsjustfilm
    • @tinyhummus with this gold on a rare black and white roll #kentmere #35mm #filmisnotdeaditcantbebecauseitsnotalivingthingitsjustfilm
    • @jvstinwolfe admiring what's on the  inside #35mm
    • Last frame wins again @morbid_gourd always on point with the #xp2  #35mm
    • @saleemahmed got things covered on #120
    • @reyes2_ again with some #35mm from Japan
    • @reyes2_ in Japan on #35mm
    • @wrm_photos with a classic #35mm roll
    • Looking forward to the shit show @shitjimmyshoots
    • @hopehelmuth had a couple more rolls from out west
    • Some Ektar and a Jupiter8 workin it out.
    • @craigscheihing always pushing the #35mm medium

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